Specialized Technical Service

Anytime, anywhere

Our large team of qualified and specialized professionals (electrical, mechanical and programmers) make up the Technical Assistance Service, through which we cover all of Spain and other countries. We also have the direct collaboration of our representatives.

We have preventive maintenance plans for our machines and lines as well as operator training plans, thus ensuring the proper functioning of the equipment and the tranquility of the client.

Engineering Department / I+D+i

Investing for you

All our products are designed entirely by RM SERTEC IBÉRICA staff, our engineering department being responsible for the design of machinery and production lines. In this way we can adapt our products to the needs of customers, offering a high degree of flexibility and experience.

The I+D+i team is responsible for identifying and applying to our machinery the latest technological advances, which allow us to be leaders in the sector in terms of quality, efficiency, safety and hygiene.

Our goal is to maximize the level of satisfaction of our customers, who obtain high quality food products, economically profitable and environmentally friendly.

Spare parts service

Uninterrupted operation

With the aim of minimizing the downtimes of our clients' equipment, RM SERTEC IBERICA has a warehouse that manages high turnover references for deliveries in 24 hours for materials in stock and with express service for emergencies.

Additionally, together with the technical information of the machine we provide a list of recommended spare parts based on the working hours of the equipment.