Modular line of semi-automatic loading of products in trays, boxes and / or bags by volume, weight and / or mobile units. This line is located to handle batches of different products and weights as well as for the dosing and counting of product units. Customized solution thanks to our modular design which adapts to the needs of each client in tray units or batches per minute.

Through the use of the recommended weighing and counting techniques, the dosing line rejected on the weight and the guarantees of the confirmation of the different batches to carry out their weighing in the different phases of the process. We always guarantee to be in the optimal conditions of delivery of the final product both in weight and units of product per container.

Very practical design that allows us, once the work day is finished and without the disassembly of any part of the machines, it's subsequent cleaning and sanitation. No loose parts.


Better control during the process

The operating and programming solutions applied with our own software, control and monitor all the steps and points of the production process: from the dosing of the tray to the exit of the tray in its final part, prior to the entry of the packaging machine or closing.

Traceability is at the forefront of food security. Our traceability system can be integrated at every step of the processing, to improve efficiency and production control through process automation.

Our own software allows us to adapt at all times to your needs for reforms, modifications or extensions of loading areas, weighing, counting, as well as obtaining the data you need for analysis and control.


  • Control of lots or packages in different areas of the process and in real time.
  • Real-time supervision that allows us to act quickly and reduce the weight or the number of units if these are not correct.
  • Storage of packaging information so that your customer can verify the results of each batch or tray.
  • Reports and analysis of the history of processed containers, weights, units and anomalies.
  • Integrated traceability thanks to the contribution of data.