Machine designed to mold at low pressure all kinds of three-dimensional shapes from minced meat or pieces of meat, fish, semi-solid doughs, vegan doughs, potatoes, etc., previously kneaded and / or prepared for molding.
We have applied our latest technology between the product tank and the forming area, treating the product in a precise and delicate way, which allows us to maintain the original characteristics of the processed doughs.
All these factors and improvements are those that guarantee that once the products are formed, they retain their starting nature as much as possible, such as their structure and the texture of the raw material.
One of the advantages of being able to work at low pressure is that we have almost no mass loss in the forming area (called a 0 decrease).
In the expulsion or discharge of the product we only use air, we do not use water, this system facilitates the proper functioning of all the processes following the one formed, such as the placement of paper, stacking, packaging, floured, coating, breading, etc.
Automatic placement of paper or cellophane at the bottom of the hamburger.
In this new machine we have also designed the machine in a very practical way which allows us that once the work day is finished, the minimum possible parts for washing and hygiene are dismantled. 


  • Low pressure product forming.
  • Production speed of 10 to 40 cycles per minute.
  • Change of forming utensils in 20 minutes.
  • Possibility of making products in 3 dimensions.
  • Filling control by time / pressure.
  • Linear motion forming plate with the top covered.
  • Ejection system incorporated in the same plate.
  • Descendant vane concentric drawing pump.
  • Equipped with PLC integrated in touch screen.
  • Minimum maintenance / minimum electricity consumption.
  • Minimum disassembly of parts for cleaning.
  • Machine equipped with automatic paper or cellophane placement system.