Machine designed to glue and marinate evenly any type of product, meat, fish, vegetables and others such as hamburgers, steaks, fingers and vegetables, improving the optimal care of the product by the pumping process, for all types of gluing.

The lower part of the product is glued by the reverse shower system, which makes it easier for us to maintain the uniformity and alignment of the glued products, at the same time the upper part of the product is glued by the system of two double cascades on both sides. once the inlet is located and the one after the exit of the product, the excess sizing is eliminated by means of a double air curtain applied in the lower part and in the upper part of the product.

This machine has a rotary filter incorporated in the same machine, with which we always get a continuous filtration of the liquid sizing product, adding performance and added value to the product.

Very practical design which allows us that once the working day is finished, it is not necessary to disassemble any part of the machine for its subsequent cleaning and sanitation, without loose parts.


  • Possibility of changing the positioning of the different graduation elements according to work flow.
  • Equipped with automatic level control system to connect to the beater tank.
  • Flow pump in stainless steel for the encolanté, marinated with clear viscosity.
  • Equipped with removable rotary metal filter for cleaning.
  • Lower gluing device by reverse shower type.
  • Upper gluing device by two double curtains.
  • Manual regulation of the upper and lower curtain flow.
  • Fan for the elimination of inferior and superior excess product.
  • Machine designed to be able to work in a free passage system without the use of a product.
  • Tubular chassis with rack graduation system for lifting and positioning the machine.
  • Equipped with swivel stainless steel transport wheels.
  • High speed of the line up to 20 meters / min.
  • Equipped with swivel castor wheels in stainless steel adjustable in height.
  • Equipped with independent anticorrosive motors and FQZ drives.
  • Independent speed control, flow rates through the touch screen.
  • Designed coforme to the norm on hygiene ISO 14159.
  • Minimum maintenance / minimum electrical consumption.
  • Standardized and interchangeable materials between our machines (PLC / CONTROL SCREEN).
  • Designed with materials suitable for food.